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  VENUS accessories for Trowels and cutting saws are top of the line with excellent performance and longer usage life. We have in our range of
  accessories the following items.
  36” Trowel Finishing blades
  Models: VEFB 14-6 , VEFB 18-6
  36” Trowel Combo blades
  Models: VECB 14-8, VECB 18-8
  46”/48” Trowel Finishing blade
  Models: VEFO 14-10, VEFO 18-10
  24” Trowel Finishing blade   
  Models: VECB 14-8, VECB 18-8
  36” Trowel Float pan
  Models: VEFP 36
  Concrete/Asphalt Cutting blade
  Models: VESB 12L, VESB 20L, VESB 20C
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 Rammers Phoenix Curb Machine Ride-On Power Trowels Towable Lighting Masts Concrete Vibrator
 Plate Compactors Laser Screeds Walk-Behind Power Trowels Hand-Pull Lighting Masts Concrete Finishing Tools
 Walk-Behind Vibratory Rollers Ride-On Fixed Form Pavers Concrete /Asphalt Cutting Saws    
 Ride-On Vibratory Rollers Manual Fixed Form Pavers Accessories    
  Vibratory Truss Screeds