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  PHOENIX Curb Machines have a complete range of Curb machines for every curbing need from curbs to gutters to landscapes. Phoenix Curb
  Machines are priced at the most economical price as compared to other similar machines in the international market. The PCM 2500is very
  in pouring on stable soil or pavement. It can also pour over rebar, trench pours, and below-grade pours.All functions can be controlled from
  the main control panel, once the pour is started. This machine is fitted with string sensors/Laser Sensors (optional) and can be operated with
  a one-man operation.
  (Hydraulic Drive)
  Model: PCM 2500
Technical Parameter
Model: PCM 2500
Fuel Tank Capacity 56.78 ltrs.
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 132.5 ltrs.
Engine Kohler (Diesel)
Engine Power 25 HP
Tires (Both Silicon Filled)

Front – (1) 26” x 12” x 12”

Rear – (2) 18.5” x 8” x 8”

Hopper 0.38 Cu. Mtr. (Can be custom built to meet job requirements.)
Vibrator (1) Minnich 3” (Hydraulic)
Travel Speed 200 ft/min
Pouring Speed 50 ft/min
Drive Front Wheel Drive
Capabilities Radius 24” (when pouring monolithic curb)
  Width (Max.) 18” (requires optional hopper extension and custom mould)
  Height (Max.) 18”
Performance Curb, Curb & Small Gutter

Moulds (Built to your specifications)

String Line kit (1000 ft. with machine)

Weight 1210 kgs.
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 2438x1820x1372
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