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  VENUS Fixed Form Paver is a Triple Roller Tube.Itís a tough machine designed to meet the difficult paving job site conditions and is mainly used
  for concrete paving of Roads, Highways, Runways, Byways, Airport Taxiways , Aircraft Parking Areas, Hangers, Industrial Floors, Bridge Decks,
  Warehouse Stack Areas etc. This paver requires only one operator. An efficiently designed off centre 8” diameter strike tube vibrates and cuts
  the concrete surface to grade, finishing the job with accuracy and efficiency.
  Machine has the capability to negotiate turns at one end. Fixed with 4 adjustable jacks the machine can be easily moved around job site.With its
  economical capital cost and high productivity, the cost of work executed is very low and affordable. This is a very low maintenance machine.
  Machine is available in sizes of 4 meters to 9 meters.If your profession is concrete paving, look no further than this machine.
  (Powered by Electrical Motors)
  Model: VFFRP 4M/5M/6M/7M/8M/9M
Technical Parameter
Model: VFFRP 4M/5M/6M/7M/8M/9M
Paving Width (mtr) >= 3
Vibrating Frequency (Hz) 40
Excitation Force (Kn) 5.52
Travel Speed (m/min) 8.4
Roller Diameter - 3 Rollers (mm) 219 each
Paving Thickness (mm) 450
Auger Rotation Speed (rpm) 200
Strike Tube Rotation Speed Max. (rpm) 300
Drive Tube Motor Rating (Kw) 7.5
Strike Tube Motor Rating (Kw) 3.0
Operating Weight (Kg) 1600
Dimensions (L x W x H mm) W/O Jacks L x 1803 x 815
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  General Product Features :
  • Optional Auger for spreading concrete available.
  • Electrical power operation (Option Engine Driven also available).
  • Advanced steel strike tube with excitation force of 5.52Kn.
  • Strike tube leaves aggregate at the surface for more durable slab.
  • Minimum labour required.
  • Available in sizes to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9mtrs.
  • Performs up to 10,000 sq. ft. per hour.
  • Multiple passes in both forward & reverse direction.
  • Rides on forms or existing slab or outer channels / tubes.  
  • Works with low concrete slumps.  
  • Meets strict flatness and levelness specifications.  
  • Unobstructed view of the work area for operator.  
  • Pneumatic tires on height adjustable jacks for easy movement/access around job site .  
  • Plastic treated for, anti-rust, anti-corrosion and durability.    
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