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  Light Towers are mainly used for illuminating large areas such as construction work sites, sport stadiums, airports,outdoor / indoor events, public
  functions, railway yards and emergencies etc.The lighting mast which is 9.50 meters high can be immediately lifted by an air compressor operated
  winch,which supports 4000 Watts Metal Halide Lamps that can light up 6-7 acres of Area.
  (Air-operated Light Mast Lifting)
  Model: VLTA 914D
Technical Parameter
Model: VLTA 914D
Maximum Elevated Mast Height (mtr) 9.5 (Air Operated)
Light Fittings & Power (Watt) 4 x 1000
Power Output (Max) / Rated (Kw) (6.5 / 6)
Output Voltage (AC) 230V
Sound level at max. load (at 23 feet) 71db
Total Luminosity (lm) 440000
Generator Type/Voltage (AC) Single-Phase
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Air cooled, Diesel Engine
Engine Speed (rpm) 1500
Engine Max. /Rated Power Output (HP) 9 / 7.7
Air Compressor Power 0.4Kw
Fuel Tank Capacity (ltr) 140
Continuous Run Time (hrs) 70 / 60
Operating Weight (Kg) 1080
Dimensions (L x W x H mm). 1800x1700x1600
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  General Product Features :
  • Pneumatic Heavy-duty winch.
  • In Built Compressor Air-operated light mast lifting.
  • Anti-fall, safe and solid.
  • Famous brand motor and generator, excellent performance, start easily, low oil consumption.
  • Metal halide lamp for long service life.
  • Individual breaker switch for each light assembly.
  • Optional additional 230V AC output socket.
  • Damping spring in the chassis.
  • Emergency shutdown protection.  
  • Plastic treated for anti-rust, anti-corrosion and longer durability.  
  • Optional features,(electrical horizontal waving of light bar, remote control angle of projection, spotlight in back of tower, auxiliary tank).
  • Four outriggers for wind stability.  
  • Transport Eye Hook for Hook Up movement.  
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